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Quality Chinese Translation Services New Mobile Web Design

Quality Chinese Translation Services now has a new web page design for mobile devices.

We hope the new design is more user friendly on mobile devices and screens.

Contact Jenny at 408.414.7001 if you would like a free translation price quote.

Quality Chinese Translation Services Attends South Bay NCTA Meeting

Quality Chinese Translation Services Attends Local NCTA South Bay Meeting

Quality Chinese Translation Services attended the local NCTA (Northern California Translator Association) South Bay Happy Hour this past week. It was organized by Kazuyo Levitan and Jenny Zhou shared ideas with other local translators. It was held at the Pacific Catch restaurant in Mountain View, CA. The NCTA calendar of events is here.

It Pays to Translate English into Chinese

It Pays to Translate English to Chinese

Professional Chinese Translation Saves Companies Money.

A recent article from the China Law Blog explained why it is a good idea to translate your english contracts, emails, and purchase orders into Chinese by a US-based professional translator: clear communication that is necessary for a successful and reliable business relationship.

The article states that “silly miscommunications” cost companies money everyday for different reasons such as slang or Chinese partners embarrassed to ask questions because of their poor english. They mentioned that there are a “whole slew of mediocre translators in China who will give their bosses a bad translation rather than admit that they do not understand English.”

Professional translation by a US company can avoid these problems and is something we see everyday with our US clients looking to translate contracts or business documents into Chinese. We especially see a lot of poorly translated business documents where the client tried to save money and went with a multi-translation company that quoted the cheapest price. Unfortunately, clients often get what they pay for. When we get these documents, the client ends up paying double what they should have paid originally because the original translation often has to be completely done again because of the poor grammar and terms used.

At Quality Chinese Translation Services we are experts at Chinese and English translation and specialize only in this language pair. We quote reasonable prices and deliver professional and reliable translations that are done correctly the first time by Jenny Zhou, a bilingual Chinese Lawyer with Law degrees from Beijing University and Stanford University. If you are doing business with or your business depends on clear communication with a Chinese Company, consider giving us a try.

Source: China OEM Manufacturing. Deep Six The English

Bad Chinese Legal Translations Are Costing Companies Money

China Daily article explains how bad legal translations in contracts with foreign companies in the US are costing companies money and legal problems.

An article from USA China Daily talks about the problem foreign companies are facing today from bad translations and how this cost them money and problems.   They cite the common practice that many multi-language translation companies use inexperienced students to do their translations when they should be using lawyers to do chinese contract translations.   They do this to save cost and increase their profit at their customers expense in quality and liability.

These errors account for 5% of all the contract dispute cases in China according to Ying Xinlong, president of the court.

We are experts in Chinese and English legal translation and have law degrees in both countries.

Let us help you avoid these kinds of problems with your contracts and be successful doing business in China.


Member Participant of CALOBA

chinese american lawyers of bay area

Chinese American Lawyers of the Bay Area

Jenny Zhou is proud to be a member participant of CALOBA (Chinese American Lawyers of the Bay Area).

Chinese American Lawyers of the Bay Area (CALOBA) “湾区华人律师协会” is a non-profit mutual benefit organization of mostly Chinese-speaking attorneys, law students and other professionals. One general purpose of the organization is to facilitate mutual understanding and dialog of U.S. and Chinese laws between the legal professionals of two countries. As the economies of the U.S. and China are increasingly intertwined, lawyers on both sides are collaborating to assist a greater flow of cross-border transactions to enable the two countries to prosper together with the aid of each other.

Jenny has been an active member of CALOBA helping the organization serve the needs of Chinese American Lawyers.

In 2002, several Bay Area attorneys, who were born and raised in China, establised CALOBA to help fellow attorneys and law students with similar background to develop their careers. CALOBA has since grown into an organization of increasing influence in the legal communities in both the US and China. All of our members are bilingual and bicultural, with expertise in different practice areas including corporate transactions, securities, intellectual property procurement and litigation, business litigation, employment, or immigration in the U.S. and/or China. Our members currently range from seasoned attorneys with deep expertise to law students. Some attorney members are US trained and licensed Chinese attorneys who practice in the Bay Area, some are China trained and licensed attorneys who practice in China, and some are the new generation of migratory professionals who work in both China and the U.S.


Highest A+ BBB Customer Rating

Quality Chinese Translation Services has operated since 2003 and is a BBB accredited business since 2009. To view our Better Business Bureau A+ rating and BBB business review, use the registered BBB Link here:

Chinese Translation Help A+ BBB Profile (click here)

We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business and work hard to ensure all our customers are happy with our services including accuracy, billing, delivery, and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Quality Chinese Translation Services is a premium translation provider where every translation is reviewed by two different people for accuracy and every word is reviewed by a human being unlike discount services that use inaccurate machine translation and verification. We go the extra mile to make sure your translation is accurate and each word is appropriate for your business.

Our price quotes are accurate and do not change after the agreement unless the customer requests a change to the agreement. Many companies will provide a low initial quote often done by an automated program to acquire your business but the final price before delivery changes to the surprise of the customer. This will never happen in our service.

We have a proven track record delivering accurate english to chinese translations for over 10 years with businesses, corporations, and law firms. Please try our service. You will not be disappointed.

Corporate Member of NCTA

Chinese Translation NCTA (Northern California Translators Association)

Quality Chinese Translation Services is now a corporate member of the NCTA (Northern California Translators Association).

Please visit the image above or follow the link here:

NCTA provides a screened database of language professionals and is a highly respected and heavily utilized job placement source for clients from San Francisco, Silicon Valley and around the world.

Chinese translation website design more user friendly.

We have been listening to our customer feedback and decided to improve the website by adding new content and creating a better design. We hope you like the new site.

New Secure Document Transfer Service

We use the yousendit service for secure file transfers. service for secure file transfers.

Quality Chinese Translation Services now offers secure document downloads through for those clients who have files larger than 10 Megabytes or that do not want their documents passing through email services which are not encrypted. Most email programs like yahoo limit file size lengths to 10 megabytes or email spam filters sometimes filter out file attachments altogether. Using a secure download center avoids unnecessary delays and problems like these. We are always striving to keep our technology current and to meet our clients needs.