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Member Participant of CALOBA

chinese american lawyers of bay area

Chinese American Lawyers of the Bay Area

Jenny Zhou is proud to be a member participant of CALOBA (Chinese American Lawyers of the Bay Area).

Chinese American Lawyers of the Bay Area (CALOBA) “湾区华人律师协会” is a non-profit mutual benefit organization of mostly Chinese-speaking attorneys, law students and other professionals. One general purpose of the organization is to facilitate mutual understanding and dialog of U.S. and Chinese laws between the legal professionals of two countries. As the economies of the U.S. and China are increasingly intertwined, lawyers on both sides are collaborating to assist a greater flow of cross-border transactions to enable the two countries to prosper together with the aid of each other.

Jenny has been an active member of CALOBA helping the organization serve the needs of Chinese American Lawyers.

In 2002, several Bay Area attorneys, who were born and raised in China, establised CALOBA to help fellow attorneys and law students with similar background to develop their careers. CALOBA has since grown into an organization of increasing influence in the legal communities in both the US and China. All of our members are bilingual and bicultural, with expertise in different practice areas including corporate transactions, securities, intellectual property procurement and litigation, business litigation, employment, or immigration in the U.S. and/or China. Our members currently range from seasoned attorneys with deep expertise to law students. Some attorney members are US trained and licensed Chinese attorneys who practice in the Bay Area, some are China trained and licensed attorneys who practice in China, and some are the new generation of migratory professionals who work in both China and the U.S.