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It Pays to Translate English into Chinese

It Pays to Translate English to Chinese

Professional Chinese Translation Saves Companies Money.

A recent article from the China Law Blog explained why it is a good idea to translate your english contracts, emails, and purchase orders into Chinese by a US-based professional translator: clear communication that is necessary for a successful and reliable business relationship.

The article states that “silly miscommunications” cost companies money everyday for different reasons such as slang or Chinese partners embarrassed to ask questions because of their poor english. They mentioned that there are a “whole slew of mediocre translators in China who will give their bosses a bad translation rather than admit that they do not understand English.”

Professional translation by a US company can avoid these problems and is something we see everyday with our US clients looking to translate contracts or business documents into Chinese. We especially see a lot of poorly translated business documents where the client tried to save money and went with a multi-translation company that quoted the cheapest price. Unfortunately, clients often get what they pay for. When we get these documents, the client ends up paying double what they should have paid originally because the original translation often has to be completely done again because of the poor grammar and terms used.

At Quality Chinese Translation Services we are experts at Chinese and English translation and specialize only in this language pair. We quote reasonable prices and deliver professional and reliable translations that are done correctly the first time by Jenny Zhou, a bilingual Chinese Lawyer with Law degrees from Beijing University and Stanford University. If you are doing business with or your business depends on clear communication with a Chinese Company, consider giving us a try.

Source: China OEM Manufacturing. Deep Six The English

Bad Chinese Legal Translations Are Costing Companies Money

China Daily article explains how bad legal translations in contracts with foreign companies in the US are costing companies money and legal problems.

An article from USA China Daily talks about the problem foreign companies are facing today from bad translations and how this cost them money and problems.   They cite the common practice that many multi-language translation companies use inexperienced students to do their translations when they should be using lawyers to do chinese contract translations.   They do this to save cost and increase their profit at their customers expense in quality and liability.

These errors account for 5% of all the contract dispute cases in China according to Ying Xinlong, president of the court.

We are experts in Chinese and English legal translation and have law degrees in both countries.

Let us help you avoid these kinds of problems with your contracts and be successful doing business in China.


New Secure Document Transfer Service

We use the yousendit service for secure file transfers. service for secure file transfers.

Quality Chinese Translation Services now offers secure document downloads through for those clients who have files larger than 10 Megabytes or that do not want their documents passing through email services which are not encrypted. Most email programs like yahoo limit file size lengths to 10 megabytes or email spam filters sometimes filter out file attachments altogether. Using a secure download center avoids unnecessary delays and problems like these. We are always striving to keep our technology current and to meet our clients needs.